Realtor Registration Form

by and between SmartBlock Living at PO Box 3493 Placida FL 33946:

Customer Information
Street Address
Street Address 2

For Realtor to maintain protection of this customer, this Registration Agreement must be completed and signed by SmartBlock Living. Any changes to this Agreement must be attached, signed and dated by SmartBlock Living and Realtor in order to be valid. Terms and Conditions: The Realtor must accompany the above-listed customer on the first visit to one of the model homes or to the SmartBlock Living office in order to execute this registration. The customer must execute a sales contract within six months or this Agreement is null and void. Purpose: The purpose of this Agreement is to protect the Realtor in the event the Customer returns alone and purchases. If the Customer returns with a different Realtor and purchases, the registering Realtor is not protected. If a dispute arises between outside Realtors, the commission will be placed into an escrow account until the matter is resolved by the outside Realtors, or if unsuccessful, then until a resolution is made by the prevailing authority.