Can someone on your team help me find and purchase a lot?

Yes, we partner with area licensed real estate professionals to help you locate the perfect lot for your home. We have the expertise to help avoid common pitfalls including flood zones, power availability, swales, elevation, etc. If you own local property that you’d like to sell, we can assist you with finding a short-term rental and work to coordinate the sale with the timeframe for moving into your new home.

What is required to prepare my lot and how much does it cost?

Preparing your lot includes the clearing, filling, and compaction of the lot. Lot preparation also includes a stem wall (if required), underground electrical (if preferred), septic tank installation, sewer and water hook ups, and impact fees. The cost varies based on lot elevation, type of septic tank required, location of water lines, and your county’s specific impact fees. However, most of these aspects correspond to a contract allowance, which is included in the price.

Am I required to build with a stem wall foundation? How is this different from a traditional foundation?

Stem wall foundations are most often required in Charlotte County’s flood zones. The need for one would be indicated once the lot is surveyed. It’s important to confirm with your real estate agent what flood zone the lot is in before purchase. Generally, A and AE flood zones require stem walls, while zone X does not require them. The home’s size, current lot elevation, and elevation required for the build determine the number of courses needed for your specific stem wall. It will be clear if a stem wall is needed before the contract is signed.

What does a lot inspection involve and when does it occur?

Lot inspections have become more common in the building community over the last several years. We offer lot inspections throughout the purchase process to help narrow your options down before making an offer. Then, prior to signing the contract, we inspect the chosen lot to ensure that contract allowances are appropriately set for your specific lot.

Is financing available for my home?

Yes, we collaborate with preferred lenders with competitive rates and several financing programs to meet your unique needs. Commonly, a Construction-To-Perm Loan is needed to initially finance construction. Funds can be used in accordance with the pre-arranged draw schedule. Then, when construction is finished, the loan converts to become a permanent conventional loan. Click on the link below to visit our Financing and Lenders page, where you can connect with our preferred lenders.

Can I use my trusted lender?

We have been approved through several lenders located on our Financing and Lenders page. You can use your own lender, but we must obtain their approval for a Construction-To-Perm loan.

Does my real estate agent need to visit the model home with me?

Yes, if you are partnering with a real estate agent, your agent should accompany you on your first visit with us.

What kind of information should I bring with me to the design appointment?

Clients are encouraged to bring photos, magazine images, sketches, or inspiration items that speak to your tastes. This helps us guide your selection process. Your ideas and thoughts are valuable and welcomed. It’s also possible for us to follow your Pinterest or Houzz boards to get a better feel for what you like.

We currently live out of the area. Is it common for owners to build a home remotely before moving to the area?

Yes, it is common! In fact, almost 75% of our homes are built for out of state buyers. These clients generally visit 2 – 3 times during the construction process to complete necessary selections and walk thru's. Building in this way is normal for us and we work hard to keep you up to date on the process.

How can I monitor the construction status of my new home?

We utilize a program called Builder Trend where we will upload all progress photos, notes, subcontractor information, inspections so that owners can follow the process remotely.

How long does it usually take to complete a home build?

From the time a permit is granted, the home construction process takes approximately 7 – 10 months. As you would expect, larger homes require more time to complete than smaller homes.

Do you build only with your floor plans? Do you build custom homes with our personalized plans?

We build homes using everything from plans the client has purchased online to custom plans drawn up by your architect, to plans created by our draftsman or partially customized versions of our original plans.

Can I make changes to a chosen floor plan? Are structural changes allowed?

Our primary goal is for each client to be 100% satisfied with their new home. If your desired changes do not impact the structure of the house or increase the cost by requiring additional labor or materials, then a change, such as relocating the kitchen or moving an interior wall, does not impact the cost of the home.

Structural changes are allowed. Customers are welcome to use our floor plans as a starting place to design a dream home. We are also happy to help you design a home around your specific needs. However, when constructing a home outside of our floor plan, additional time may be required to complete the approval and engineering processes.

Does my new home come with a warranty?

Yes, a 12-month Builder’s Warranty is provided with the house, and the Bonded Builders Home Warranty Association provides a 10-year Structural Warranty.

Can I reduce the cost by completing some of the work on my own?

In all honesty, it depends. It can be difficult to understand how home costs are calculated, leading clients to incorrectly assume that taking a small portion of the work off the contractor’s list will result in significant cost savings. In reality, the kind of work the average home buyer is able to do, results in minimal savings.

In addition, clients should also remember that the builder must ensure that everything is properly constructed in order to warranty the work. If a homebuyer were to make a mistake, the assumed cost savings are immediately lost because the homebuyer must pay to remedy the error. It’s also common for homeowners to offer to handle a task like painting, not realizing that almost all subcontractors or trades come into contact with or are waiting on the painter.

When considering doing work yourself, homeowners should also consider the motive for doing so. If the primary driver is cost savings, you may be surprised by the value our contractors offer when compared to doing the work yourself.

Why are contract “allowances” offered for site work, fill, and other fees?

Every land lot is different when it comes to clearing needs, elevation, impact fees, permitting, and site requirements. We offer allowances to give clients a clearer understanding of what the common lot costs are.