Mary Shannon Moore’s brokerage, Green Lion Realty has teamed up with Southwest Florida builder, Rue Homes LLC, The Tropical Storybook Bungalows.

Mary Shannon Moore is a mother, author, and successful real estate entrepreneur and broker. Born and raised in Southwest Florida, she has maintained a real estate license for more than 15 years, amassing substantial experience and expertise while buying, selling, and rehabilitating hundreds of properties in her beloved home state. She is now an avid RE broker and investor with her own brokerage and 10 rental properties.

With 10+ years’ of experience selling new construction, Mary Shannon has also successfully handled marketing for more than 50 reputable builders across Southwest Florida, earning recognition from major outlets including The New York Times, NPR, CNN, Fox Business, and others. In addition to her construction and real estate ventures, Mary Shannon has also written a bestselling book titled, “Out of the Box Owl: Not Your Basic Pitch Marketing,” which was the starting place for her social media marketing company, Owl University. Owl University teaches real estate professionals and entrepreneurs how to successfully market new construction in today’s digital marketplace.

Mary Shannon also prides herself on mentoring others and having a keen eye for talent. Spotting clear business aptitude in her daughter, Willow, Mary Shannon supported her daughter’s interest, leading to Willow becoming known as “The Youngest Landlord in America” at the age of 14 when The Ellen Show and other news outlets picked up the story.

Our Hardworking Team

Chris Horne

Chris has been in the building industry in South Florida for over 23 years.  He started as a laborer in the late 90's, sweeping homes and digging ditches for a homebuilder at 20 years old.  He worked his way to an assistant Superintendent position and quickly thereafter, proved his skills moving in to the Job Superintendent role for Lennar Homes.  He finished off his first community, at 23 years old.

Chris has since worn many hats in the construction industry and utilizes his different experiences, in his daily practices both in the office and his builds.  He believes that his cross training in the warranty department, water intrusion and mold remediation experience, front-end shell division experience, being Area Manager overseeing multiple counties and sites, managing inventories of tens of millions of dollars simultaneously all contributed to being successful in closing well over 500 homes in his South Florida building career.  "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life".

Chris has spent the better part of his career, building and closing homes while working professionally for a few different, reputable home builders.  Recently, Chris has decided to start his own home building team so after a couple of decades in the business, he has been to form a phenomenal group of subcontractors and vendors, to bring the highest quality of workmanship possible, while maintaining a properly working schedule.  Rue Homes LLC, is a Family run company with his wife, Courtney Horne maintaining the office functions while Chris directs the day to day field operations.

The name, 'Rue Homes' is a memorial for Chris' Nana, Phyllis Rue.  She was an enormous influence in Chris' life growing up.  She also became and huge part of Courtney and their children's lives.  "She is one of the reasons, I am where I am today in the building industry... being able to maintain the quality and capacity, in which we can".  She pushed Chris early in his career to build a good name for himself and influenced him to obtain a job with GL Homes which ultimately, would boost his career and give him "A decades worth of the best building experiences, one could have asked for".  Phyllis Rue was such and important part of Chris' life, the logo on his business also carries an Iris which was her favorite flower.  It signifies everything she was... Class, Faith, Hope, Courage and Wisdom.

Steve Moore

Steve Minger joined the Green Lion Realty leadership team in 2019 and has been instrumental in the growth of our real estate development and construction venture. Steve brings more than 20 years of varied experience in construction, financial management, business leadership, and corporate strategy to bear on the constantly evolving challenges presented by Florida’s real estate market.

Relying on his strong business and financial acumen, Steve launched his real estate career in 1997, developing, building, and managing a portfolio of more than $1B in apartment complexes, commercial properties, and single-family homes across the Cincinnati area. Steve has gained valuable experience with every task imaginable in the home building and buying process. From design and building to purchasing and financing, he calls on more than 20 years of hands on experience to manage the details of multiple residential projects ranging from single-family homes and apartments to estates of all sizes. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in Information Systems and Accounting from the University of Cincinnati. He worked as an intern at GE Aircraft Engines and after graduation for two of the Big Four accounting firms: KPMG and then Deloitte.

While the success of his career is rewarding, Steve is equally dedicated to investing in and improving the lives of others. He lives in the Placida area where he enjoys serving with his local church and giving back to the community. Outside the office you’ll often find him enjoying outdoor fitness activities, leading student Bible studies, or volunteering with local organizations to feed and offer community to those in need.

Sir Charles von Doodle

Sir Charles is our resident Model Greeter and Lot Evaluator. He never meets a stranger, has a nose for what clients need in a lot, and great taste in pet friendly finishes and floor plans.

On most days you’ll find Sir Charles waiting excitedly to greet new clients visiting the model. Unfortunately, all that excitement wears him out and within a few minutes he’s usually sound asleep on the floor.

The proud owner of more than 30 neck ties, Sir Charles chooses a different one to wear to work every day. After making sure he’s looking dapper, Sir Charles heads over to San Casa Dog Park, where he’s known as the Park Mayor. He takes a few minutes to check that all is well at the park and socialize with his 20 best canine friends before coming in to the office and starting his day. In his spare time, Charles also keeps up with his Facebook page – Charles Doodle Restaurant Reviews - where he updates fans on all the local dog- friendly restaurants he enjoys in Southwest Florida.